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Archimede by Piero della Francesca (English, Spanish, French, Italian and German Edition) Details

The facsimile edition of manuscript Riccardiano 106 (September 2007), published in cooperation with the Italian Ministry of Heritage and Culture and Vimer Industrie grafiche Italiane, is a long-term cultural project that collects in one box a volume with the fac-simile autograph manuscript of Piero della Francesca on the works of Archimedes and a volume of the many scientific contributions - in six languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Arabic - written by leading experts in the field. The 'Archimedes' of Piero della Francesca has a real corpus of treatises on Archimedes, marked with headings that indicate the titles: De Sphaera et cilindro, Circuli dimensio, De conoidalibus et sferoidibus figuris, Archimedis inventa circa elicas hoc est spirales lineas et spatia dictis lineis contenta, Archimedis Planorum aeque ponderantium inventa vel centra gravitatis planorum, Archimedis de his que aeque ponderant, Archimedis quadratura parabule, Archimedis tractatus de arene numero.