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Cassatt and Her Circle: Selected Letters Details

The correspondence of the great Impressionist painter provides insights into and details about her life and work


Mary Cassatt was a tenacious and educated female artist in the 19th and 20th centuries. Known mostly for her work as the only American Impressionist, (as well as one of only three females in the group,) the artist is also beloved for her depictions of mother and child. She never married or had children herself, but the vocation of motherhood was still a sacred calling to her. Hearing about Mary's life in her own voice is quite amazing. She was very prolific, and because of her travels and eventual home in Paris, she had to write in order to keep in contact with family, friends, and colleagues. With these letters, we are given the chance to see the fire and drive behind the artist, and that in turn informs her work. Personally, I was just as in love with this volume of letters as I was with Van Gogh's. Excellent read for anyone interested in Cassatt or in this magical time period in art.