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Fairies Laser-Cut Plastic Stencils (Laser-Cut Stencils) Details

9 delightful, easy-to-use patterns depicting winged sprites juggling hearts, posing with floral garlands, communicating with a butterfly, and more—all ready to grace a variety of flat surfaces. Simple instructions make every art and craft project a snap. 3 plastic sheets in a folder.


There are three sheets of heavy white plastic with about 9 different stencil designs. I say "about" because in some cases the designs can be combined or split up as you wish, especially on one of the sheets. One sheet contains only two large fairies. Another contains the three that could be combined or split up. The last contains four more smaller fairies. Many of the fairies are interacting with other items that could be used separately; like hearts, flowers, leaves and branches, and a butterfly.All designs are fairly open and would therefore be easy for kids to use with success.