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Mary Cassatt: 150+ Impressionist Paintings - Impressionism Details

MARY CASSATT Art Book contains 150+ Portrait Reproductions of children, mother and child, family outings, the theater and women in victorian and edwardian clothing with title,date and introduction below.Book includes Table of Contents, thumbnail gallery and is formatted for all Kindle readers and Tablets (use rotate and/or zoom feature on landscape/horizontal images for optimal viewing).Mary Cassatt was an American painter and print-maker. Known to this day as the “painter of mothers and children,” a title given in her lifetime. Born into a fairly wealthy conventional American family in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania., she had the opportunity to grow up in an environment that nurtured travel as part of her education. Cassatt spent five years in Europe and visited many countries, including Paris, London and Berlin. Her exposure to many different artists prompted her to study painting and music. Even though her family objected to her becoming a professional artist, Mary at the age of 15, began studying at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia. After she left the academy, she again traveled to Paris and studied with masters from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts.Cassatt had a long and distinguished career and is the only American to exhibit with the Impressionists in Paris.


I'm not fond of Cassatt as an artist, although I am probably in the minority. There were a few paintings that I loved, but most of them did not appeal to me. However, the book is a high quality product. The illustrations are full page, clear and displayed beautifully on my iPad.While the art didn't engage me, the social history aspects of the paintings did. The clothing, grooming, backdrops, and activities convey a sense of the middle class family in late Victorian and Edwardian America; that I found fascinating.I highly recommend this book, especially to those who aren't philistines like I am. I'm sure most people would love Cassatt's art and this book is definitely a worthy vehicle with which to display it.